Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilling Envelope design 2

Hello friends, how are you all? Its been a long time to see ya again. Was out of town for my last sem exams. It was very good. Now I am free. :-) Yesterday I've started my art works again and am so happy. I  have made a design for envelope hope you like it. Have a nice day friends...


  1. So pretty, Divya... love the roses and the bright colours. I was thinking of you a short while ago. Glad your exams went well.

    xxx Monica

  2. Very nice Divya. I wish I could see the entire design.

  3. I to wish I could see intire design, but what I can see is very lovely ,like the stones they add a nice touch to the quilling!!!

  4. lovely. Hey I hadnt noticed you are a budding Lawyer! All the best

  5. I love the color of your quilling!

  6. Divya, Very nice decorated enveloped. The stone inside the flowers add more beauty. I have changed my blog URL to

  7. very pretty dear.
    The kundan stone gives added attraction.

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